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  • The house is weird yet oddly appealing, mismatched carpet notwithstanding. I wonder if the intercom system still works. Also, the super-wide angle lens does the house no favors, making the ceilings look even lower than they really are.

  • The awesome wood floors and the blue carpets are… incongruous? In the same house? I am confused.

  • That is not simply blue carpet…it is BLUE CARPET. Slaps you in the face when you walk in the door, kind of like a reality check. I love it!

  • very cool and kinda presidential, A+ for going different. All the ‘confused’ commenters above they sell kacki carpet at Carpet Giant for your home in fairfield or whatever average neighborhood you live in

  • Nice home and priced right to but it is located in Fondren Southwest one of the top 5 areas with the highest crime no thank you

  • @Brian D, the high crime stats in Fondren Southwest comes mostly from the (many) low-income apartment buildings in the area, and thankfully it tends to be contained in those apartments.

    The neighborhoods have always been relatively safe. Crime is significantly lower and there are regular constable patrols. Though there are occasionally reports of our Jewish residents being accosted while walking at night to and from temple.

    I’ve lived in one of the Northfield subs for 25 years and in that time we’ve had our cars broken into maybe three times and that’s it.

  • It’s always been weird to me how the concentration of apartment complexes will totally define one area yet seem to not affect another. This is a good example. Westbury is appreciating like mad, but there is just a small ditch between it and all these Fondren SW complexes. I don’t think it is some kind of magic moat. The proximity to the low-end complexes for the western parts of Westbury, (or parts of Braeburn Valley for that matter) aren’t much, if any different from some of the neighborhoods within Fondren SW like Northfield. You can pick up a monster house like this one in FSW for a low price per foot, or go just a little bit over into Westbury or north a bit, not be any further from the complexes really, and pay double the price per foot.

  • @Eastender: It’s because Westbury is the Bestbury!