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  • Seems to have decent floorplan… but –Squirrel! — the kitchen, my eyes… Nice pool, but –Squirrel! — Yellow, bright glowing sunshine yellow, my eyes…

  • People should be allowed to do whatever they want with their property… but don’t expect not to be laughed at, ridiculed, and most importantly low-balled when it comes time to sell.

  • Aye Yi Yi-Yiiiiiiiiiii

  • Those pictures were really hard to stomach.

  • Here is the perfect soundtrack for this listing. Diana Ross and her disco hit…


  • Love the pool. Mom taught me not to say any more.

  • looks like a mexican restaurant

  • What funny is paint is so easy to change, it really should have no bearing on how a property can sell. At most, it’s a few weekends with friends and a few hundred bucks. The fact people would pass on a house they’d otherwise be interested in because of paint color seems silly to me. A home is such an important purchase. To skip one because of a small fixable issue seems odd.

  • This is why the average person should hire a decorator….someone who can tell you it’s not going to look good if you do that.

  • Looks like a unique & welcoming home. Who wants a cookie cutter house that looks like every other house on the block? Clearly, the owner is fond of this style of architecture and this is why custom Houston real estate is so interesting. I think it’s charming!

  • Paint is easy to change………that tile is not.

    Still, I do believe that people should do to their property as they want. But like someone else said, they should not be insulted when “buyers” want to low ball them.

  • What’s funny to me is that the home has clearly been staged… if *this* is “staged” to make it more neutral, I would love to have seen it before!

  • This is my listing and while it is colorful and not on par with your average traditional Houston home, it is really beautiful in person. The theme works throughout and the backyard pool area is absolutely stunning! If you have time, take a look at the other photos from the listing.

  • Even the pool would not persuade me. Eventually I would get thirsty and have to come inside for something to drink.

  • When I am looking at (or showing) a home for sale (or rent for that matter), I prefer it be empty – no furnishing of any kind. It is easier to imagine the buyer/tenant’s personal items in the space.

  • Deuteranopia on parade, anybody have a wine cooler?

  • all new paint might be relatively easy, but it sure ain’t cheap.

    i guess if you buy bargain stuff and neutral colors it might be, but we had to repaint every room in the house when we moved in and the bright colors in durable formulations cost about $2000 to paint a ~900 sq. ft. interior.

    (and yes, quality does make a difference in everything from resisting chipping and scratching to staying clean and being washable without coming off to removing cleanly when using painters tape. you can argue if you’d like but that is a basic tenet of any paint, be it artists oils or watercolors or interior latex paint)

  • Ninfa’s is back in business