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  • I’m guessing the family lives in a bigger home nearby, and this is just the kid’s playhouse.

  • This is confusing. Beautiful home, but it appears to be partly vacant, partly staged, and partly daycare. You would think at the $800k price point they could have thought these photos out better. Toys are not hard to shuffle to another room for a minute or two to snap a shot. Unless there is a gaping hole in the hardwoods they are disguising with those letter squares.

  • Place looks like Santa’s village….I kept looking for the elf in each picture. Maybe it is the land of broken and forgotten toys….. :(

  • Only two feasible explanations:

    1) Clandestine services safe house
    2) Asians

  • How about, they’ve been transferred overseas by an oil company, and most of their stuff has already left in the container ship. Wife and small kids are staying behind until the house sells, and please don’t ever think about leaving small children without toys. Anyway, that’s my guess. And let me say as a parent, having a large room entirely devoted to the kids is great. We didn’t have a dining room table for at least a year when we first moved into our current home, and our kids LOVED that empty space. They cried when we turned it into a proper dining room.