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  • just once I’d like to see one of these $1MM+ homes with an interesting book collection, but nope, always bland and boring. rich people need better hobbies.

  • Joel-don’t judge a book collection by its color (coordination).

  • I’ve never understood the concept of shelving a varied assortment of books by the the color of their bindings instead of by subject, or when a designer covers all the books in a client’s library with paper jackets of a single color. It must take ages to find the title you’re looking for!

  • Nice renovation with the retention of the character of the house. The bookshelf wall acts as a piece of art.

  • I “read” all my books through Audible and buy books by the pound to fill up shelf space to keep the pretentious book pricks from scoffing. We don’t use chisels and stone tablets anymore either, but try explaining it to the crowd who still uses typewriters at Starbucks.

  • @commonsense
    You get CoD in my eyes for that one. I LOL’d and spewed my coffee all over my monitor. Can I send you the cleaning bill?

  • I had a decorator try to get me to use “books by the foot” which are cardboard book spacers that look like books from afar. WTF is wrong with this world?