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  • Ahhhh, the burglar bars add a touch of class…

  • I think the place may be a bargain for that location; the apartments across the street are older, but respectable and well-maintained (to my recollection). But then there are all the burglar bars, suggesting the owner didn’t feel safe. As to the digital collection, it compares well to my 600+ musics CDs, but I bet that house doesn’t have >200 LPs in the closet.

  • The burglar bars might be there because the owner is elderly and afraid of many things. I live in this neighborhood and while we sometimes have property crime issues, usually things are quiet. On the otherhand, this house backs up to apartments and is quite close to the bayou (the home of several shady characters and the mentally ill homeless).

  • Mid-century mod enthusiasts must have a look at the listing’s kitchen photo. Lemon-yellow Formica that looks as bright as the day it was installed.

  • A nice looking house. Are those built big enough for books? Are those books? Anyway, the pool looks like you could actually swim in it.

  • Fort Knox indeed. Even the window in the picture of the 2nd floor gameroom has bars on it.