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  • First I thought there must be a recycling center or Superfund site outside the windows -I mean, Open the drapes! I can see daylight.
    But it’s a really tidy neighborhood with trees and sky…
    AND there aren’t even burglar bars on those windows.
    Is the realtor a vampire?

  • GE must have sold a million of those push button cooktops. They are quite common for homes of that era. Both my grandmother and aunt had one as well as the rental house we lived in the late ’80s.

  • The entryway! A closet plunked down in the middle of no where and the brick planter! And I hate those kind of interior doors.

  • Odd. When I saw that photo I figured it was an agent just trying to hit the HAR required 6 image quota. But there are 25 or so pics.
    I think the creepy lamp pic could have been left out. Sometimes less is more. But then again, I’ve made my feelings known about the usefulness of pics on listings :)

  • I just want to make sense of that bathroom scale next to one of the beds.

    “Good morning world! Time to measure the weight of my meat and begin the day anew!”

  • I am going to be the dissenter. I like the long narrow brick room divider and the wood toned doors. I hate when people put those cheezy plastic 6-panel doors on everything. At least this house doesn’t have a bunch of that cheap junkie “updates” like that. I wonder if there are hardwoods under the carpet? At over 2,000 square feet, that is a lot of house for the money, and that neighborhood seems to be on the upswing.