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  • What is with the crazy beams in the bonus rooms? I feel no need to comment on the kitchen.

  • Some serious redneck HVAC engineering in that bonus room as well.

    See you again on the DDR, Droxford.

  • I’m more intrigued at what appears to be the attic entrance directly over the master bed.

  • Good eye Denise– I thought it was a mirror

  • Since the listing says “bonus room not included in square footage”, I wonder if they never pulled any permits for that great piece of work. If so, that should make the appraisal process fun.

  • I think that’s a skylight over the bed…..but they must not care about their foundation! The downspout for the front gutter is positioned waaaay in the corner oddly passing the front porch column to dump water in the worst place possible!