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  • is that a redneck bidet?

  • so much wtf here. I like the stylized method for toilet paper dispensing. this IS truly a redneck bidet, tanith27.

  • Looks like a sprayer for cloth diapers.

  • That’s the wrong question, it is a redneck bidet.

    The right question is, “what kind of redneck uses a bidet?”

  • Bum Genious! Cloth diaper hose that you use to spray baby poo off the diaper and into the toilet. Save $1000s on disposables or diaper service.

  • These are actually pretty common in certain other countries as an alternative to a bidet. Very easy to install, too.

  • the cool kids call it “the freshy fresh”

  • Perfect for power washing your nether bits.

  • As a contractor I’ve learned the sprayer is installed as a matter of cultural/religious practices relating to cleanliness. What may seem odd to you or I is a necessity for some of our neighbors who want to follow their cultural practices.

  • Just about every toilet in the Middle East has one of these sprayers. In Egypt, though, they generally use a piece of tubing that squirts straight up from the middle of the bowl. (TMI dropped)

  • A common problem with this type of sprayer is that it is under pressure at all times. Therefore, if one is not careful in the use and placement of the sprayer, they may end up with water damage from a stuck trigger.

  • Its actually pretty hard to set that up in Houston. There needs to be a valve (for the pressure issue) and most older homes in this area also use a less-common shutoff valve size (5/8ths instead of 3/8ths, I think) which complicates the whole thing.

  • I think it’s a great idea, regardless of culture. Would love to see them in more, if not all, homes. Hopefully the water pressure is adjustable though…

  • Granted, Wikipedia can be a dubious source but:

    “However, in some Muslim countries and in South-East Asia, bidets are less likely to be separate fixtures, as they are in Europe, but often are a small hose with a nozzle, similar to a sink sprayer, called a health faucet. The sprayer-type bidets are sold to Muslims as “shataf,” which permit the user to comply with Islamic laws about using the toilet and the cultural preference of using water instead of paper.”