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  • Interesting. This property is owned by Harris County Flood Control District. Wonder how/why this works out?

  • Muahahahaha!!!! What is it??? A cat? A missing tile? A joint?

  • HAHAHAH! That’s comical. Stupid agents.

  • Wow. Rooms with no sheetrock and they find it necessary to hide some cracked tile? LOL.

    But seriously, it would not take very much money to fix this, even with the plumbing and sheetrock repair. Someone could make a killing flipping this place at this price – even in a flood zone.

  • Who in their right mind who build a house like that in that location? Amazing ….

  • The agent’s claim that the house is “newly constructed” is laughable. HCAD says 1998.

  • No matter the price, this is on the banks of Hunting Bayou. The bank that originally loaned on this and the original owner were all fools. The luckiest person ever on this property is the one that sold out to HC Flood Control. The entire area around Hunting Bayou was witness to some of the worst flooding during Allison and agin in Ike. Hunting Bayou has received quite a bit of Flood Control work but, nt worth the risk.

  • You can probably see the bayou through a hole in the stairs.

  • This has the looks of being a FEMA buyout. If so, and HCAD does say it’s owned by Harris County Flood Control District, then it should have been demolished.

    Something is kinda wonky here.

  • Why is the ceiling missing???

  • Oh, it’s in Kashmere gardens…. Kashmere Gardens…. For when North fith ward isn’t dangerous for you. Good comps close by in the $25k range.
    We have an apt complex in that armpit area. Huge 1bds. Nicely upgraded. We can’t give ”em away. Anyone want one? $600/month? $500? $400? Buy-one-get-one-free?

  • How does this happen? Owner at time of construction (1998) was “Current Owner” until Harris County Flood Control in 2011. Surely they didn’t build it…