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  • Can you count all the parrots in this house?

  • Those awnings are horrendous! Did the house double as a restaurant?

  • Aside from an eccentric love for parrots, they do have a very exquisite taste as far as living room rugs are concerned.

  • birds and cats everywhere. I thought it strange that there is a strip of carpet going up the middle of the tiled servant’s quarters. So weird.

  • Ugh – Rainforest Cafe meets my grandmother’s living room. Looks like a nice place to die eating.

  • Loretta Young, what an odd reference.

  • No pool? No deal.

  • LOL@Rainforest Cafe.

  • Meh, I think it could be saved, once you throw all the furniture into a wood chipper, slap some modern paint around and get rid of the canopies, it could work.

  • Birds, and cats and… plastic plants. Yuk!

  • The grounds/gardens are nice. The property is owned by Mr.&Mrs. William Brittain. He/they used to own a furniture store in SW Houston. My parents bought a few pieces from him back in the day. Thankfully they have way better taste(which rubbed off on my 2 younger brothers & I).Mr.Brittain may be related to the Brittain real estate family of River Oaks. Jo Brittain de Sauza was my landlord(in Klein,Tx-north of FM 1960 /she was one of four members of a R/E investment syndicate based in Escondido,CA. They owned the 100 acres & the 1907 Queen Anne style home on the property). Back to 500 Piney Point. The house DOES need updating. It is dated,but has good bones.

  • A wood chipper? Hardly. That furniture is likely to cost more than your car. I like the idea. It’s not beige.

  • I mean your average car, not yours specifically.

  • The home is one street away from the residence of the last man to walk on the moon.

  • I love that living room paint! If you take away the furnishings, the rest of the house is sort of bone colored with some nice surfaces, which makes sense if the owners really had a furniture store. Great backyard.

  • I was thinking the same thing there should be a 300sqft to 650sqft pool out that lot which is 3 times the size of my lot. On my lot I have room for a decent size pool so should this one for $3.2mill

  • #6: Yes, it suggests the home is being marketed to people who are at least seventy. But it led me to these pictures of Loretta Young’s “Hollywood Regency” home. the very glamorous work, in part, of a young man from Temple, Texas, Robert Koch Woolf:


  • Maybe they couldn’t swim?