Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: Don’t You Worry, We Got Rid of the Body

See what I told you? All gone now. No one will ever find it.


Yeah, that one there:

Not a problem any more.

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  • This realtor deserves to be fired, did they honestly take a picture of a person sleeping? Just don’t take a photo of that bedroom or come back later. Wow

  • That’s funny! I noticed they got rid of the body but the rest of the room looks the exact same. It’s as if he/she was never there. Bed still unmade.. maybe he/she just got up for a bathroom break?

  • That’s still a terrible picture to go to the trouble of photoshopping.

  • @Northside Girl, photoshop is a magical thing that the realtor should have used a long time ago, on the whole house….

  • I just don’t understand a realtor that would attach their name to photos of a home like this and shake my head everytime I see these kind. Clean it up or i’m not taking pictures of it, flat out.

    Let’s assume maybe the person living there is a renter. Well we know they don’t give a crap if it sells or not but again I’d go back to the landlord and tell them there is no way I am taking pictures of the mess nor showing it to any clients.

  • This Realtor has his GRI?!?! Really? Clean it up or come back! Every single pics looks like crap.

  • I just can just imagine what was used to get the person outta bed….fresh box of Twinkies….cracked open a cold beer…….

  • TOO funny. Thanks for that!!
    And I agree it’s a lot of photoshop effort for the result.

  • That is totally photoshopped. Hilarious.

  • I’m amazed that someone who can’t proofread a couple of sentences of text can use photoshop.

  • Magic!! The beached whale has disappeared.

  • Realtors, doing as little as possible for their commission every day. He should be so proud.

  • I agree with first comment, how in the world can that real estate agent professionally put his name on that listing. Disgrace. Not a single picture of the inside should have shown up on HAR.

  • It’s ironic that Realtors think of themselves as such friendly people persons. Of all of the people I deal with in my business, the industry least likely to return my phone call is a Realtor.

  • I wonder if he was going for Swamplot advertising by posting the photos. Could be crazy like a fox. Lots of free publicity from this link. And… seriously a good price for this place in this location. If I had the cash free, I’d jump. Put in some central air, paint, clear the yard, dispose of any other bodies and make some quick moola!