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  • This looks like a terrifying 11’ hole to walk down. What if the door shuts behind you?? good halloween pick

  • Yeah, I’d be afraid to go down there. Gives me a very “it puts the lotion in the basket” vibe. Beautiful house though.

  • It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

  • Nice house, but……
    If it’s one thing I learned you need to do your homework. Maybe it won’t happen again.

  • I build custom wine rooms and looked into offering that circular below grade product. It is popular in Europe and England. Every engineer that I asked said to stay away from it. Our water tables, soils, and water issues could easily push that thing up from the ground and cause all sorts of problems. The product and installation cost is not trivial but they sure are cool to look at!

  • Today’s word: “oubliette”

  • “oubliette” indeed!

  • Approx. $55k for one of those babies. Cool video, though:

  • Did it flood?

  • Great house – well done renovation!
    Unless it flooded. And the wine cellar floods and shoots up through the floor.

  • Very cool MCM home. One thing I’ve noticed browsing both American and European home listings Is the Europeans almost always include a building floorplan, which is quite helpful piecing all the photos together and providing a “lay of the land” perspective. HAR.com/Realtor.com management – how about it?…

  • Wow, the promo video *literally* refers to the entrance as “trap doors”. (Good find, Gisgo.)

  • Given the location, methinks it was rehabbed because if flooded, and that wine cellar did float up.

  • For those “did it flood?” questions – A simple search of images post Harvey shows that the property was ideal for in/out kayaking.

  • Captions from the listing photos:
    “Master suite has sliding doors leading to one of four private outdoor patio areas with fabulous views of the lake on both sides!”
    In that picture, the lake is a little *too* close.
    “Spa-like master bath … continues to the secluded outdoor master shower.”
    Secluded, that is, until your neighbor flies a drone over your house.