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  • The listing is kind of “meh”, but the agent is one good-looking human being.

  • Is it just me or someone stole a column in the picture above?

  • You almost expect a tumbleweed and some Ennio Morricone.

  • $399….on the EAST side of 288?


  • I pass by these pretty often and have wondered if they were finished or not. It’s not a bad location geographically, and the neighborhood right there isn’t terrible, but they’re just plopped in the middle of a barren-looking field with their stupidly ornate gates. They need to at least plant some trees, and NOT palm trees! Pretty inside though.

  • Can anyone who lives, or used to live, in one of those four story townhomes tell me what the A/C bills are like in the summer?

  • Thank you, Commonsense. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me again.

  • I live in a 3 story townhome (2800 sq ft., shared walls, middle unit, north-facing) and the pleasant surprise for me has been the utility bills.

    July/August/September (bills since 2008) – no more than $140/month (@ ~.10/kw).

    Electrical bill drops down to <$100 in the winter.

    Since I have shared walls, the units on either side of me act as additional insulation for me.

  • How is crime in this area? Isn’t this near Riverside Terrace? I’ve often wondered what RT and this area is like to live in.

  • Brian,
    I have lived in Riverside Terrace for 4 years and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Having lived in The Heights for many years, and experienced a fair amount of petty crime, i was apprehensive at first. So far, i have not had one issue. Great architecture on large lots!

  • Is Soutine anything like Poutine? Because, I just can’t go there.

  • It must be hotter than the sun on that roof terrace in the summer

  • If that shower is called ‘seamless’, what does one with seams look like?

  • Missing columns are nothing to snicker about. Have you ever spent sleepless nights wondering if your loved column will return? Have you experienced the pain of seeing your column with a Spanish Colonial from the other side of town? Well, you might think she supports you completely, but you’ll be the one left bearing the load. Mark my words you insensitive clods.

  • That agent is fine

  • I live in Riverside and have had not experienced a single crime or scary event. Check the HPD crime mapper – there is more crime in the Heights than here. One day people will wake up and come flocking to – yes – the EAST side of 288.

  • Maybe the completed column was one of those “choose your own” options that the buyer decided not to choose at all?

    Or maybe we have another odd architect on the loose. There seem to be quite a few of them.

  • Riverside terrace is a gem in the ruff. Beautiful neighborhood, million dollar homes! Much less crime than, montrose, museum district, midtown, and the heights.

    People are just scared about the east side of 288 because its primarily black! Just because it is black it does not mean its the ghetto. Take a drive down macgregor and check out the mansions, parkwood street it beautiful. Location you cannot beat and herman park is in walking distance. Those town houses have amazing views of downtown.

    About the missing column…
    The three, more spanish looking homes were built first by a different builder (before the recession) then another builder came and took over. But wanted to lessen the price point. Thus the spanish homes (originally listed in the 600s) were modified to integrate with the new builders design. Therefore, the columns were removed. But if you buy on you can put your own on. The spanish homes are more high end, but the other homes are great too.

  • My take, a car hit it and owner couldn’t affored to replace, so they just the whole thing out.

  • Took the whole thing out.