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  • Interesting “photo” of the listing agent…

  • I love this house. Absolutely gorgeous. Eclectic style blended with traditional architecture. I’m totally diggin’ it.

    Anyone got a spare million bucks I can borrow?

  • A real man cave with plexi garage door. That’ll sell this house if nothing else does!

  • You know what, that house is nice….and fun. More people should try to make their space uniqe and fun in one way or another

  • I spy with my little eye a multi level parking garage in the third to last photo. Also, anyone else find it weird that the front of the house is painted brick + siding and the back is orangish stucco?

  • I didn’t know that Angie Dickinson sold real estate in Houston.

  • @ doofus – heyyy…it’s Memorial. Ya gots to have your Tuscan in there somewhere.

  • That’s a sweet Corvette too!

  • LOVE everything about this house but the front and back look like they’re from two different houses. I spotted the parking garage, too, doofus.

  • PS. It’s a little to close to Memorial City.

  • That five digit address is a deal breaker…

  • That’s a garage that would bring tears to Tim Allen’s eyes! Someone mentioned the realtor’s photo, which prompts me to share this story: the agent at a house I was looking at a few years ago had a similar “glamour” shot on her website (as well as the sign out front). When I called her to schedule a showing, she mentioned that the place was unoccupied and since she lived just 2 streets over, she could do it right then. When she arrived less than 10 minutes later, she was sporting her gym clothes and no makeup – she was totally unrecognizable. I didn’t say anything but it was quite funny.