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  • Three *shelves* worth of vintage (1950s and 1960s era) World Book encyclopedia sets!

  • You can’t give those things away now. Talk about an industry killed by the internet. As a sidebar, apparently everyone that subscribed to National Geographic never threw the magazines away, either. As a result, no library will accept them, even as a donation.

  • Man there sure are a lot of office/desk spaces in that house.

  • Beautiful home in a nice pocket of the villages…

    Re National Geographic: I lugged over 100 lbs of this publication, 1,000s of miles, move after move, until about a decade ago when I realized hiring movers is the way to go. Except then I felt bad having other people move pointless weight, so I kicked them to the curb, tear in eye… Never looked back (nor subscribed to a physical publication)

  • That house is pretty amazing. Much preferred over many of the houses I have seen for 2 and 3 times as much.