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  • seriously?

  • Flames painted on the fireplace,huh? What’s painted on the toilets? Wait, I don’t want to know…

  • that’s hot

  • I wish the photo had better focus. It looks pretty nifty.

  • Looks like a metal head lived here someone who probably drives a white van with an epic fantasy scene on it

  • It is “energy effecient” fireplace, saves money from buying those expensive logs.

  • I’m ok with it. Grew up in that area and if this is all they did to the house the new owner is lucky.

  • That’s actually pretty awesome. However I can see a prospective home buyer passing because of it (not understanding that $10 in paint will fix it)
    Sometimes what’s cool to do for your own enjoyment will make a place hard to sell

  • I don’t have a problem with the fireplace. After all, the whole place will be painted, some surfaces more than one coat. The fireplace should “clean up real nice”.

    Now, about those bathrooms…..I’m not too sure.

  • The camera focus isn’t the problem, it’s the heat radiating from the paint job that’s making it blurry.

  • As grotesque as the fireplace is, it’s probably the nicest part of the house!!

  • As hideous as those original harvest gold appliances are, they’re still apparently working fine after almost 40 years. I’m lucky to find a TV that doesn’t implode before 5 years.

  • Amen Hellsing. I couldn’t believe when my parents spent money to have their avocado green appliances sprayed black many years back. Boy was I wrong. They are still going strong to this day. I bought all new appliances eight years ago. Already on my second refrigerator and need a new dishwasher.

  • Come on, guys – put the toilet seat DOWN. Thanks.

  • 3 years ago my parents replaced their 40 year old harvest gold with all new expensive appliances, and they have had the double oven serviced yearly since. Boy do they regret it!

  • I wonder if they also had the “Blacklight Pirateship” poster?