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  • From the listing I would not want to see that house only like 6 pics and each one used 2 twice. House needs more color it is to plain and needs a little updating to

  • I noticed the doubling up of the pictures too. The bag of chips on the kitchen counter is a nice touch. Ditto for the city trash can in the outside front view.

  • Don’t know about anyone else, but that 4th bedroom with the built-in twin beds looks like some place you would hide your crazy relatives. Just has an institutional look to me.

  • HAR requires a minimum of 6 pictures; there really was no need to use so many twice. And they had a patio shot with and without people in them, and used both? (rolling eyes)

  • I wasn’t aware of the minimum photo thing. That explains why tear downs have so many shots of the same view of the outside.