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  • Stripper poles have GOT to be another year-end Swampie nomination!

  • It’s not a stripper pole. It’s a “fitness pole” according to the realtor’s HAR description.

  • The realtor’s description does mention the home is “designed for entertaining”…

  • Wait…isn’t this place in the shadow of the proposed Hines San Felipe highrise. Are people fleeing already?

  • I’ve been so humored by the recent increase in dogs showing up in listing photos. I guess that’s the new trend.

  • A dog may be part of the staging…

  • anyone know the general percentage value that a typical home’s HCAD value will trail the real nominal value?

  • @joel, there are no rules of thumb on that because it varies so greatly all over the city. You should look at listing values on HAR vs assessed values on HCAD of a few homes in a perticular neighborhood you’re looking for to get a general idea.

  • P.S. The difference between a work out pole and a strip pole is with which part of the body you grip it ;)