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  • Looks like a flip house, except it has a lot of kids toys, maybe it was a day care?
    Never trust a flip house.

  • What’s a Horseshoe Street?

  • One miserable tree in the entire 10,500 sq ft yard. I’ve heard that home buyers hate landscaping, but this is ridiculous. How ’bout a few bald cypress on the west side to cut down utility bills? A few live oaks in the front would be nice. A few water oaks in the back would be interesting, or go crazy and make it Shumard oaks. Even a mass planting of pink muhly could go somewhere; to hell with the neighbors put ’em in the front! I’ll stop now.

  • The agent clearly hates vowels.

  • None of those pesky tree things to get in the way of the new pool. Horse shoes is as the name implies. It starts on one street, curves around and come out on the same street a block of so down.

  • @1 – that’s not day care level toys, that’s overzealous (and generous!) grandparent level toys.

  • The advantage to this house is that the yard really is a blank canvas.

    The remodel isn’t bad as it could have been.

  • Yeah, some landscaping would help disguise that weird window trim in the front. But from a staging standpoint, I think the homeowners’ taste in wall art is the most compelling issue to be addressed.

  • I think a case could be made that using glass blocks in a redo is a Federal hate crime.