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  • Amazing how much of that crap is in this city.

  • The pink pillows really tie the trophy room together.

  • this looks like every. flippin’. house. in river oaks, west u, southampton, and memorial. who decided that this is what screams “high class living”? who is the arbiter of taste here? it is so frustrating to see every one of these home owners race to conformity and disallow any sense of individuality. aside from ungulate murderers, is there any sense of who these people are? /stepsoffsoapbox

  • Generic design is safer when it comes to resale. I suspect folks in this bracket move around a lot.

  • While I don’t know if I would call this generic, I will say that from what I know of a certain segment of luxury homes, they are designed and decorated to be turnkey. You take out a balloon loan, live there a few years and then sell it to the next well heeled buyer as you move on to your next ‘new’ home. And, hey, real estate always goes up, doesn’t it?