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  • possibly a chinese seller – I don’t know if it’s feng shui, or something like it, but they put flowers or plants in empty rooms to encourage the sale.

  • I love how every sentence of the description ends in double punctuation!! Why, you may ask?? Because it’s awesome!! That’s why!!

  • The plants in the kitchen are just creepy looking.

  • Even more awesome is that everything is now BEIGE!!

  • I hate taking photos of rooms. What’s there to see? And since someone is going to want to view in person before buying or placing an offer, I don’t see the point in taking 100 different shots.
    This goes double for small apartments. I struggle to find pictures of our places that really give anyone an idea of what they look like. The kitchen is the only thing that really shows details.

  • Have a look at the street view from the MLS site. :o

  • Those photos are a lot more important than you might think. A listing without interior photos screams “you dont want to see what is inside”. And since a huge percentage of prospective buyers look through the listings first, catching their eye in a positive way can be the first step towards a showing and a sale. I recently accompanied a broker on a showing of a high-end townhome, and during a conversation about lighting and exposure with the prospective buyer, I told him I had taken the pictures in the listing. He didn’t make an offer, but when he left, he told me “you take great pictures!”

  • As Bart Simpson would write, ‘s is not a plural, ‘s is not a plural, ‘s is not a plural. [kiddo’s used in one of the photos, not to mention frequently in other articles]

  • I have to agree with Cody about the images supplied by realtors. Most of the time they’re so stretched and distorted that they tell you nothing at all. And the rest of the time they’re nothing but fodder for comments along the line of “what were they thinking?”. The one thing I’d like to see most of all, and it’s never provided, is a floor plan. When I was home shopping in 2010, fully 90% of the homes I visited were unacceptable because of their layout. All that wasted time, energy, and gasoline that could have been avoided with a floor plan.

  • @ Susano: You’re right. What’s really needed are a couple crates’ worth of some nice colorful gourds.

  • @Darby Mom!

    Exactly what I thought. And, I almost posted about it too except that I figured “Why bother?”….

    There are so many errors like that online, most people today don’t even notice.

  • The plant gives an otherwise empty room scale.

  • That chandelier is gorgeous. I assume that’s a dining room.