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  • Was this photo for HAR.com, or craigslist.com?

  • I remember seeing this home house-hunting late last year with my wife. It was a fixer-upper back then going for 250k-ish. We actually put in a low offer IIRC. In the end we decided to go with something that was ready for move-in.

    Some new features include new paint, refinished floors, new bathrooms, new kitchen, new carpet, faux beams on the ceiling, metal railings. Seems like a profitable flip.

  • They did a stellar job fixing this place up. Beautifully done and presented.

  • this is really the cheapest home in the ZIP thats not a town home and I think may be the nicest upto some of the million dollar McMansions.

  • Broker/ Owner, purchased from a gentleman in New York.

    This just went back on the market and I doubt it will last long. Seems to be an awesome value.

    (I have no connection to seller)

  • Amazing value based on size and finishes, clean look. At the end of day (this day) it is still a 2 bedroom property.

  • Nice! Also excellent angles from a talented photographer.

  • Sassy or sleazy?

  • What’s a “start” phone?

  • A start phone, Niche? That’s when you buy the cheapest phone you can in order to get into phone ownership. It might be a little bit older, but that’s okay because it has character. Then after you’ve had it, you either bling it out or bulldoze it – I mean throw it out – and get a nicer phone with granite accents and a hardwood case.