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  • They couldn’t sell it for 475k a year ago. Heights area has hasn’t done that well. They must not realize that people can look up old listing prices. I’d hate to be their realtor and have my time wasted like that.

  • So Johanna Gaines got her way and the chimney stayed, useful or not?

  • Cute front elevation but the rest is just hideous – weird lambeam running through space, biFold doors into bathroom, enclosed ‘sunroom’ in back with windows that not even the photographer thought about wiping down, almost entirely enclosed kitchen area, non functional chimney in bad location…and a backyard jungle. For $480K, all that shit should have already been remedied..on this TWO bedroom.

  • Shouldn’t this be a lot value sale? Who wants to pay almost $500k for an old 1350sf house?

  • @jgriff… That would be the people who don’t want to spend 12+ hours a week sitting in traffic on I10 or the gulf freeway.