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  • I have only one burning desire….let me bathe next to a fire……

  • *clap clap clap*

  • And a two sided fireplace, no less. Nothing like a little privacy whilst bathing!

  • Privacy? From what? Nobody actually uses those things.

  • Jeez, Mel, can’t you imagine firing up a bistecca alla fiorentina while those water jets hit you “just so”? That’s la dolce vita.

  • sally ftw

  • O…My…Gawd…Luv It.

  • Love these vent-free gas fireplaces, especially if I can press my face against them.

    I can see it now. Me, my hair piled atop my head, secured by a single red rose and a diamond pin. The bath, filled with bubbles and warm water. Music playing softly in the background, the lights are dimmed. Eyes, closed. I flip on the gas fireplace and allow Calgon to take me away, away, away.

    My eyes open, I am on the bathroom floor, apparently suffering from some sort of epileptic seizure.

    Was it wrong to rest my head against the vent-free gas fireplace? Or… Calgon, was it you?

  • Would have been cooler with a TV…

  • Glancing at the photo, I thought it WAS a television.

  • I’ve encountered dozens of homes with TVs, bun none with this. I love it. Oh, if it were closer….

  • Very tacky!!

  • wilf, once again you crack me up. And how about those ever-so-classic columns?

  • Sometimes so much can be lost in a simple photo. Imagine the tricks of light from the mirrored ceiling, the sweet scent of decanted Courvoisier, the deep, resonant tones of Barry White playing on a loop, and the plush 47% Egyptian cotton “his” and/or “hers” and/or “hers” and “his” swingers towels hanging just tantalizingly out of reach.

  • Photo 16: “This home offers so much to be desired.”
    Something’s wrong with that sentence. Makes it sound like the house is really lacking in amenities. It’s too close to ‘leaves a lot to be desired.’

  • some mid-level sales manager is going to go into debt for this. What a shame, for it is truly grotesque.