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  • It looks like it was modeled after the Beverly Hillbillies’ mansion. Nice cee-ment pond.

  • LMAO, you nailed it Dana, it does look like Uncle Jed’s place.

  • I love France. I love everything about it. The food, the wine, the architecture, the style, everything even down to the cigarettes and smelly little diesel Peugeots zipping down the street. I hate this house.

  • Please tell me they did not hire a legitimate interior designer to help them select their furnishings! Egads!

  • “There is no other home this grand in Houston or France.”


  • The Powder Room and the b&w closet makes me feel dizzy… :(

  • Those bathroom mirrors remind me of the barber shop when I was a kid. They had mirrors on opposing walls. While sitting in the barber chair, I would get light-headed looking into the infinite reflections of myself getting smaller and smaller. Still weirds me out thinking about it.

  • It looks like Liberace had a home in Houston. Didn’t know that…

  • Has “Liberace” replaced “hipster” as the new most commonly applied buzz word to all posts?


  • Wow, what an unfortunate interior… I used to live across the street and the most beautiful sprawling ranch style house built of stone was on that lot.

  • I guess the rising obesity rate is good for some. The doc seems to have fared quite well.

  • Is the furniture and dinky art on the walls part of the staging, or was it left behind when the owners moved out?

    Also, can someone explain why people think the entrance hall is the place for a baby grand piano? I can understand moving it in for a big party, but I’ve been in homes where it stays there all the time.

  • $10 million east of Kirby? They’re nuts…

  • Super classy. Put those dignitaries over the garage with their own genuine microwave oven in the kitchenette.

  • Please don’t hate…

  • @#12

    Maybe he’s downsizing.

    This one has given me a headache.

  • new money…

  • Formal and informal powder rooms? Ah, the problems of the rich…

  • Hmmm… I can think of a place more grand in France, the Palace of Versailles.