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  • “…in the heart of the Heights.” Um, no.

  • “Never been lived in home built in 2003”.

    I don’t understand.

  • I’ve never seen a more impractical kitchen sink in my life.

  • Owner ran out of money building their…1662 sq ft…dreamhouse?

  • @Jerry I think everything layout/placement-wise pertaining to this house is impractical and awful. The double sinks divided by a door, claustrophobic single shower, and garage that’s perpendicular to the neighbors’ – just ugh.

  • Judging from the driveway picture and the satellite view of this house, a smart car better be included at closing.

  • I would really like to your this house for a good laugh

  • I meant to say *tour

  • Coconutbutter, not only are the double sinks split, they’re also not the same size. Guess hubby gets the narrow one.

    Especially like that corner bathroom sink and the shot of unfinished green drywall, “See, we’re not done yet.” Photos taken by blindman or a dog-mounted camera.

    Best thing is to buy for lot value, tear down, and build a victory garden.

  • Why in the world would a house built 10 years ago never be occupied? If you run out of money, why not sell it, oh, like 8 years ago or something? Now I have to wonder if they even have an occupancy permit from the city?

  • I’ve never seen a kitchen sink without any counter around it before. Is it even possible to have a dishwasher in a kitchen like that? I didn’t see a place for one. And can you imagine the stuff that’s going to be dribbled on the floor?

  • I couldn’t get past the toilet in front of the window.

  • So very…..odd.

  • Great neighborhood, but looks like a fungus teardown.

  • That kitchen (along with most of this house) needs to be totally redesigned. Did someone actually “design” this place???

  • @Historical Bulldozer A person after my own heart! I’m down with the victory garden. I also didn’t even notice the sinks were uneven; I had to avert my eyes from this monstrosity. ;)

  • I was going to make a comment along the lines of “Wow, you guys are a bunch of jerks”, but I thought I should view the listing images first.
    Whoa. That place is pretty bad. I’m not an expert in land values over there but it seems high given the lot size. The vanities and kitchen cabinets are cheaper than what I use in our cheap old studio apts.
    I always feel bad for the owner/designer who stumbles across the site and reads the comments.

  • What’s the large “machine” in front of it that looks like a 1970s vintage Xerox copier?

  • @18 – that would be an AT&T cabinet.