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  • Wow I don’t think it would be possible to present a listing in a more dispiriting way

  • I think for the desired clientele in that area, it’s staged perfectly.

  • What is that mirrored thing?

  • Judging by the 2 empties next to santa, he’s a lightweight.

  • Plumbing in concrete? You had me at 5 Ceiling fans but, please, go on…….. 10 air compressor outlets? Internet/Cable ready, you say? Welcome me home indeed.

  • I wonder if what she thinks are “air compressor outlets” are really a central vacuum cleaner?

  • Yeah, “10 air compressor outlets”? If they are for a central vacuum system, I thought that went out in the 50s.

  • The house has possibilities, but the location is problematic.

  • The location of Fukushima nuclear plant was problematic, location of this house is a catastrophe.

  • yep…no gearheads here. Ten compressor outlets are most assuredly not a central vacuum (wrong direction) – it’s more like having ten electrical outlets, except you won’t get shocked by the air wrench.

    A limited market, I acknowledge, but for those who appreciate it, nirvana (with the occasional thumping of the 240V double piston compressor refilling that 50 gal tank).