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  • I might be the only person I know that digs that green color but I really do. The pink not so much, but I like the retro look of it.

  • Whoa, that *is* vintage. However, I noticed from the photos that the sink was replaced with one of these impractical pedestal sinks — one of these things where you can’t put *anything* except a tiny bar of hotel soap on. I realize that the previous sink probably was small, too, but if you’re going to replace a sink, can’t you replace it with something more practical? I know that some interior designers love them because they think a tiny sink makes small bathrooms look bigger, but there must be better solutions than this. Pedestal sinks may be fine for powder rooms, but certainly not for full bathrooms. I know of one case where a woman sold her house because she was fed up with not having any storage space in the bathrooms (among other reasons). And I once toured a house where someone had replaced a double-sink vanity with 2 pedestal sinks and then ended up building a really ugly, made-in-garage storage thing to put in between the sinks to compensate for the lost storage space. Ugh.

  • Ouch! That hurts to look at.

  • Wow, we have that exact bathtub–but with green tile and trim, and green octagonal floor tiles. I wonder what the original floor looked like in this one.

  • Love that bathroom but what is up with the window there? Is that fabric or some kind of film? Regardless, there is a save the pink bathroom movement going on and hope whoever buys this house keeps that bathroom intact. Looks so much better than the other one …

  • It just needs some towels by “Vera” and someone with an eye to figure out what to do with the white walls.

  • I like the pink and green bathroom a lot more than I like the tile backsplash in the kitchen.

  • Hehehe…I see RetroReno fans!

  • Love they kept the original telephone shelf intact (for those younger readers, the bottom shelf was intended for the phone book(s)). My neighbor has one and she puts her iPhone charging stand on it which looks quite humorous. The listing shows it was built in 1945 (which normally indicates the date the original building permit was issued) which meant it must have been one of the first completed after the WWII.

  • http://savethepinkbathrooms.com/

    for those who love, or want to learn to love, pink bathrooms.

  • This was my bathroom :( I put a lot of work into it and miss it dearly!