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  • “This beautiful property has it all”, including, apparently, a rhinoceros.

  • That’s not even the best photo from that listing. Not by far.

  • this is why container store stock doubled on friday!!

  • Really Nice home just some of the updates are only appealing to the previous owner. The kitchen cabinets at the end of the counter top is really ugly for a kitchen this home is gonna be hard to sell.

  • that’s not really supportive of the advertised closet space lol…

  • There is something about the location, the flooring, and the raised refrigerator that screams, “Prior flood damage” to me.

  • One of the strangest interiors I’ve ever seen on Swamplot. Looks like a clothing store.

  • I just want to put another support under that dressing table.

  • Shoe fetish?

    Too many plastic boxes, too much unstacking and re-stacking every time some “needed” item was in the box right on top of the bottom one.

    The up side is when he gets ready to move, most of his personal packing is already done!

  • Wow, never mind the clothes. Just looking at that hard floor throughout the house makes my feet hurt. I don’t get why someone would want all of the concrete, stone, tile, etc. indoors. On a patio – ok. For me, I want good old fashion hardwood flooring.

  • All that cold hard flooring (who decorated here — Fred Flintstone?) and no built-ins for all those obviously masculine shoes and clothes in an otherwise “custom-built” home — a guy lives here, alone, would be my guess. There’s just too too much going on here for it to have been professionally staged. I am saving this photo for the day someone tells me that WOMEN have too many shoes.

  • That’s not a one man home. That’s a two men home. Clearly.

  • I’m usually the one who says “oh, no, don’t tear down an old house”… but I see this and I want to scream “BULLDOZER!”


  • Thats at least 60 pairs of shoes in the photo. Sure beats my measly 6 pairs!

  • So the “0 car garage” is actually that shoe/shirt closet?

    That would be a deal breaker for us. Gotta have a garage! That’s where his man stuff goes!

  • Its the Liberace starter home!

  • Nice Photos… Cool Yard…