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  • I just don’t get it. Why would you add all of that stuff when the yard would look so much better (and bigger) without it? Do listing agents really think that they’re fooling anyone when they do this?

    I also like the photo titled “Large master closet.” If there’s a bath tub in it, doesn’t that make it a bathroom?

    What’s with the randomly placed gift bags?

  • Photoshop

    The place looks rather well done. So I don’t see the need to retouch the entry photo. The only thing that I don’t like is the typical Houston stockade view out the window. Why in the hell are stockade fences so popular here?

  • These agents need to hire some good digital artists if they’re wanting to photoshop their pics into something we believe.

  • Photoshopping a picture is lying. Jeesh and you people complain about agents being dishonest and now you want them to be dishonest . make up your mind

  • Did they build a giant garage apartment in front of it? Really?

  • Agreed.
    Despite photoshop being so user-friendly, RESIST !

  • @dbhouston
    Yup…they sure did. The house was moved this lot from somewhere else. I think it was too wide to accommodate a driveway on the side, so they put the garage in the front yard. Not the most elegant solution, in my opinion.

  • Which address is correct? HAR has it listed as 1126 26th which Swamplot has the address as 1126 E. 21st.

  • Oops….HAR has it at 1121 26th.

  • @marcy: Fixed now. Thanks for catching!