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  • Movie theater room and racquet ball court have to be 40ft to 50ft long I have never seen rooms that long in a house

  • I’m squinting to make out the TV screen in this photo, I can’t imagine how unpleasant it would be to sit in the back row. Why would you want to watch tv over the back of people’s heads in your own home? Also why would you put in 18 chairs on the off-chance that 16 of your friends would want to watch a movie on a tiny screen? Is this a an extreme home makeover home?

  • I hate to be “that guy” but that is a TERRIBLE media center room

  • Unless you have a family of 10 living in there, that would sure seem like a lonely house. For $2.25M, there are houses a quarter (or less, even) of that size I’d rather have. To each their own, I guess.

    Also, I’d hate to be sitting in the back row of that media room. How can you see that small screen?

  • I am guessing this is being sold due to a divorce. I did a HCAD check and lo and behold, Tilman Fertitta owned this home at one time. http://www.hcad.org/records/Ownership.asp?acct=1080250000020&taxyear=2014

  • Yeesh. That “media room” is terrible. And, granite tile counters instead of slab in the kitchen? For that price?

  • Recreating the feeling of sitting on an airplane in the 80s.

  • A 30,000+ square foot lot and you can still reach out your window and touch your MONSTER-HOUSE neighbor!

  • What a disaster of proportions and scale. Not a single room in this house looks pleasant or comfortable to be in. I will credit the designer of that Media room with accurately capturing the spirit of a Braniff 727 circa 1979. Well done for that.

  • Just did a double-take … the front of the house looks JUST like my wedding venue.

  • I’ve always wondered how an OCD person copes with double staircases in a foyer. Every time you want to ascend or descend, you are faced with a choice: Left or right, left or right. You could really unbalance your chi if you’re not careful.

  • Superdave: I’m OCD and that type of staircase would be fine so long as they were perfectly symmetrical.

  • When they clear out that place they will fill up an entire dumpster with fake plants & flowers.