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  • Wow, what a GIANT house! 2,146 sq. ft? They musta left a zero off ….wait, what’s that? Really? So it’s the camera lens? Darn. Never mind. . . . . . .

  • As with the Oak Forest house……really? I mean, really? $550k? One HUGE room, so that the kitchen is always the center of attention. Houston is not LA. These prices cannot be sustained. I wonder where these investors/flippers are coming from?

  • Sjh: location man. If this were in Montrose it would be 2x that price. If it were the hood it would be 1/5th that price. If it’s too high, it won’t sell. My guess is price was set, in part, by comps. I.e., by end buyers, not flippers.
    Relax. The market is doing its job.
    I own an equal sized home I keep as a rental (though it’s also on HAR for sale). Similar size. Recently upgraded. $90k. Want it? I wouldn’t (to live in). It rots on the market because the location is junk (and the fact I don’t do anything to sell it since I have a renter in there and don’t mind holding it)

  • The house is “meh” except for the master walk in closet, but the area is pretty nice for families (it is near the industrial on Pinemont though, and sometimes you can hear it pretty early in morning). Not even a mention of how close it is to Candlelight Park (which is very nice for young children) or T C Jester Park? Zoned for Smith and Scarborough, though. . .