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  • Was that house formerly a window showroom? There are at least a dozen different styles and sizes of windows used, and having all of them on the front of the house is awful. So is the window above the front door that looks like it’s sitting directly on top of the door. Then it’s all covered in strip center stucco with way too many details. I’d rather buy a cheaper house on one of those streets, tear it down, and build new for $900,000.

  • I’m wondering if the owner of this place has a rags to riches to rags story to tell. Looks like sudden fame got him overextended.

  • You’d think parking a Bentley in front of a house would class it up. Apparently, not always…

  • This place looks like time share owned by Pablo Escobar and El Chapo.

  • They forgot to paint in the legs and feet.

  • One very strange house. Especially having been built in 2008. The above comment about the Last Supper attendees having no legs or feet explains the awkwardness of that wall.