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  • Fabulous lot adorned with critters of all varieties, this property now features wild herrings, cranes, frogs, alligators and migrating heards of antelople during the rainy season. The home was originally built as an ark on pristine gathering grounds for pairs of animals to accumulate during the final days of destruction per sellers disclosure. Tall mature trees on property present amazing opportunity to cultivate your very own white dove habitat for olive branch collection.

  • What a beautiful setting…and what a shame that it flooded.

  • The H/O who feeds squirrels is extending an invitation for them to chew their way into the attic to nest!
    Perhaps it doesn’t matter now, judging from the lack of pics of the actual residence…
    Beautiful yard! I applaud the creating of wildlife habitat, and, this lot needs a new house. On stilts or course.

  • This place would have been underwater during the Army’s Post Harvey Flood.

  • The Sam Houston Freeway noise shouldn’t be too bad, judging from the map.

  • I got one of those wildlife signs for my backyard. The hurdles to get one include filling out a form and cutting a $30 check. Voila – wildlife habitat.

  • I question the squirrel photo being really from the property. I’ve never seen a black squirrel in Houston….just grey and brown ones.

  • That Black Squirrel may have come out of the Black Water that covered the property for nearly 2 weeks.

  • qqqq- I’ve seen one at U of H and another at my folks house in Atascocita. They’re rare so that’s probably why they took the effort to photograph.

  • We’ve definitely seen black squirrels in the Heights area.