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  • In other parts of town those cars would be on the lawn too, with a couple up on blocks.

  • If I paid $625k for a house, I might appreciate the fact that it could accomodate 10 cars at once (8 in the driveway, 2 in the garage) without resorting to street parking

  • Definitely Toyota fans…

  • It’s only a three bedroom home. To whom do all these cars belong?

  • I guess there was a business run out of this house to require pouring the extra concrete… There’s only 3 bedrooms…
    Piano lessons? Tax services?

  • A mediocre house in a decent neighborhood just off a commercial strip. No way I’d pay that kind of price for such a place. I guess that area is the trendy area these days.

  • Could have been: Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: Toyota Center