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  • But that actually is their view… see the rooftop deck,

  • Kinda pricey for a Wacky Shack.

  • I like this place. Awesome views and in a great neighborhood.

  • Most notable to me about the whole set of photos is the egregiously heavy-handed use of tonemapping. Every time I see this (and I’m seeing it more and more lately) I wonder what else they’ve faked in the photos.

  • Wow, that is probably one of the better views in town.

  • Former home of Pablo Picasso, it seems. Not a fan of converging lines in scene composition.

  • For that location and view, $475K isn’t too bad. Probably should check what’s across the street, though.

  • Those rooftop decks are great until the whole neighborhood has them…then the true lack of privacy,noise and diminished views amid actual density becomes apparent.

  • And with a six burner oven, it’s ideal for someone who loves to bake and broil.

  • It’s a weird street, probably one of the last “up and comers” in the Woodland Heights. Right across is a hospice and down the block is the building formerly known as the King Biscuit. There also is a mix of man$ions and apartments down the other way. Like I said, weird street.

  • Breathtaking metal staircase? It looks like the exterior stairs of every garden apartment complex ever built.

  • wow! i actually like the design of this place and the little nice touches including the metal stair case. have been looking for something contemporary like this. the price and location would be a hard sell to me though. but i do like the designs. (meh…the outside’s ok).

  • I like a lot of the interior but where is the 2 car garage? Is it in the back? Looks like 2717B is directly behind this one, per the HCAD map, so is there an alley?

    Great use of that little “room with a view”.

  • It’s SIMSply awesome!

  • Looks like a very good trompe-l’oiel.

  • That IS their view people! I guess because it wasn’t built 50 years ago– it’s trash, right?