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  • Whenever I used to be out driving around the burbs, I would look at all the cookie cutter houses and wonder what they looked inside. Now, thanks to swamplot, I do not want to know anymore.

  • Must be from New Jersey originally.

  • There’s something about this house that’s inviting. I want to snuggle into an over-stuffed sofa with a bowl of Bugles and watch Dark Shadows.
    I feel like a Countess with all the stone work and cherubs and rich, sateen drapery.
    I especially like the bathroom with the Biedermeieresque cabinets and vertical, brown subway tile.

    So much effort and craftsmanship spent with such questionable result however.

  • OMG. ROTFLMAO!!! I submitted this tip. Dude, check out the breakfast room and the bathroom sink. The closer you look, the more cherubs you’ll find!

  • Nothing says “I’ve got money and power!” like a mawble cawlum!

  • I always wondered who would buy that resin dreck that Toscano retails in the SkyMall catalogue. Now I know.

  • At last! Finally I know what people do with those pregnant belly plaster casts. They sit on the floor of the red bathroom waiting to be immortalized for the internet in a real estate listing at some later date.