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  • That’s actually the work of a professional. They were looking for copper pipes. Obviously they didn’t find any because a lot more of that drywall would have been decommissioned. They even looked underneath the toilet in that same room if you notice in one of the other pics it is completely lifted off its seal.

  • Copper theft continues to blow my mind…

    You have to case a house, wait for an ideal time, break into it, excavate the walls searching for copper, physically sever the copper from the wall, haul the copper out of the house, transport it to a buyer, and conduct a sales transaction, probably getting around $50.

    When you add up the amount of effort (aka “work”) required to steal it, you would have made a lot more money at a real job and exerted yourself a lot less.

  • We caught a copper thief one time in a commercial building we owned. Held him at gun point for half an hour while deciding what to do with him, he damn near pissed himself laying on the ground while three guys discussed where to dispose of his body (we were joking around obviously and trying to freak him out). Since the building was going to be gutted anyway we decided he had enough and let him go, plus we were too lazy to fill out police reports. We heard he was caught a few weeks later stealing copper from another property a few miles away.