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  • It’s bad enough lick & stick stone is breeding all over the outside of new construction like a bunch of tribbles during mating season, but now it’s infiltrating the inside? OH HELL NO.

  • You have to look at Lick & Stick stone from the perspective of “given the low budget, what would have been an alternative” and most of the time it would be nothing, just bare stucco. So, on some level its better something than nothing.

  • “given the low budget, what would have been an alternative”

    Then why is it covering the $500K+ McMansion across the street from me?

  • Budget is relative, 500k maybe low budget based on cost of land, square feet constructed, how much spent on interior finishes etc. You typically don’t see real quarry stone til you get well over a million.

  • “Look!WOW! Someone built a classic Woodlands clerestory contemporary around an Itanianate ruin! And then put Craftsman double doors on it!”

    It’s a shame they didn’t remodel within the contemporary style. Slab door cabinets and subway tile in the kitchen would’ve gone a long way.

  • Awww. I kinda like it.

  • Altho it needs better landscaping (a lawn in the back) and get rid of the 3-word stencils.

  • No turrets?