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  • Me please. Altho there might be some 610 traffic noise, and in the shadow of a parking garage too.

  • Has there been some inexpert MS Paint work on this picture?

  • Way too expensive for what you get. Not zoned to River Oaks ES, in the 100-yr flood plain which means you need flood insurance, and…

    >… there might be some 610 traffic noise…

    More than a little… enough to make it unpleasant to sit outside. I checked when these units first came to my attention.

    Bottom line: $850k for a 36 year old suburban townhouse with no yard? Next!

  • Nice, even comes with the original TV!

    Also, Patrick, do you really think the people living in these townhomes care about what school it’s zoned to?

  • I love the realtors breathy descriptions in the HAR.com listing. He needs to add a few MORE exclamation points. Of course he doesn’t mention being so close to the bayou increases the owners chances of being flooded(which increases your homeowners insurance and your carrier will suggest getting flood insurance).Plus the interiors need a tad of updating. And being close to Loop 610 brings all of the traffic noise.Other than that,it’s fab….

  • Ok changed my mind. ;-)

  • Who does spiral staircases anymore? They’re a bitch to negotiate, especially with hands full or when inebriated. No thanks.

  • Look closely – it’s a roll-down shade with an idealized version of the view from that window.

  • At least the water is the right color