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  • Is that a…carpeted ceiling?

  • I like how the duct tape across the fireplace was painted to match the green of the accent wall while the baseboard continues in lilac. Brilliant!

  • This really would be the ideal location for a small brothel. Security, plus two self-enclosed “apartments” in the back.

  • With great views of the Katy Freeway! Seriously, the right lane of the eastbound Katy has to be about 30 feet from the front door; no sound wall either.

  • Some kind of workshop next door, the aforementioned freeway on the doorstep; if this lot sells for $30/sq ft, I’ll eat my hat.

  • Geeze, I have 20+k SF of inside the loop land about a block from 288 that I’d sell for that much (with demo, they’re asking about $40/sf?). So at $6-$7/sf, mine is a steal! :)