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  • Nice looking place. But, $22,000 per year for maintenance? Wow, you can fix lots of toilets for than amount.

  • Prices have gotten uppity in Uppitytown.

  • Yeah so that window…ummm…wow not sure what to make of that. My best 3 guesses:
    1. Photoshop
    2. Decorative paper pasted on the outside
    3. A multi-million dollar TV/window system that uses the ocean as a screen saver.

  • I’m pretty sure those are just trees (Memorial Park) and a coincidental camera effect. Look at the 4th picture in the gallery – same room.

  • @Superdave – It’s just the tops of trees in Memorial Park.

    I looked at moving into a highrise but I maintenance fees were always the deal killer. You’re still paying your own property taxes which include a percentage of the entire building (if you live in a building with, say 30 units you get a bill for 1/30th of the building’s value). I have a friend that lives in a condo on Bering and when they had to redo the roof last year, every owner got hit with an additional $2500 bill that month on top of the maintenance fee.

  • Those are trees. That’s how it looks from windows facing north, west, and south in much of the Galleria.

  • Those are trees out side the window, but I see the effect.

  • @Superdave,

    It’s actually the tree-tops of Memorial Park.