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  • More like “pot farm”

  • Nothing says “hoarder” like multiple storage sheds.

  • Haha wonder if they still make Shedd’s Spread.

  • I love that particular picture – The various sheds…
    In another country it would be a row of separate homes!

    When folks have the space (and no n’hood restrictions) they pile up stuff on the property.
    Looks like trash to some.
    In today’s suburbia, people pile up stuff in the bonus room and then in the leased storage locker down the road.
    Same difference.
    Most of us are hoarders

  • That little back “guest” house would have been my dream when I was young, hungry and under paid. I mean, for the right price. As the property is now, I see a lot of family. And a lot of memories of things that they just can’t part with. OTOH, it will be hell moving out of the compound.

  • The one with a red door…it’s a double-wide