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  • Looking at the listing site, I have a question – the house was remodeled but painting the faded interior of the front door (and I’m guessing adjacent closet door?…) was too much work? Also, I’ve never seen a return air vent in the middle of a wall unit.

  • Bonus structure in back. And a porte-cochère is this price point is a great value.

  • @Native Houstonian,
    Ha, without reading your comments, I noticed all the things you mentioned, plus the boring tile job in the shower where grout still needs to be cleaned, and the bad tile job at the entrance of the home, however, the colors you see on the door are a result of a poor camera, or processing… it is pixelated and what you are seeing is the sheen of ambient light.
    One more thing, it looks like it was a rushed flip job, those cabinets in the kitchen look like they came straight out of the box, held up and screwed in place.

  • Not sure if the numbers are reliable, but Zillow shows it listed on Auction.com for $126k back in March. After the rehab it went back on the market at $199k at the end of June.

    I agree that the rehab work looks slap-dash. They could have at least cleaned the new tile in the bath and replaced the old door hardware on the bathroom door.

  • That’s not an AC return vent in the middle of the living room bookcase wall — it’s a fireplace! Use yer imagination!

  • Again… If you’re going to flip a house, do it right or don’t do it. The interior of this house looks ridiculous. Half new and half filthy.
    What a waste of money.