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  • Seller is no audiophile. Never park speakers in corners like that unless you like boomy, muddy and undifferentiated sound.

  • 1990 called. They want their staging furniture back.

    Gus, how did you miss the op to post the HORNEY pic? “It’s great for a child’s study area!”

  • Surreal. I grew up across the street in a house nearly the same. Now that I am all grown up and contemplating kids of my own I really wish I had the same atrium entrance to the backyard at this house and my childhood home. A great place for kids to play.

    Also a sad reflection on the market. My folks sold our house, literally two doors down and across BF for 200k in 1991.

  • Maybe they just needed plant stands.

  • Ya think those are 90’s era? I was thinking 80’s