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  • the rich are flaunting their twin pedestal sinks

  • Those pool pics give us a realistic idea of what it’s like to live in a cowering cottage amid a forest of towering townhouses. Not much leeway for a skinny dip or a nip slip.

  • $388/sf? Dang!

  • Make fun all you want, but that’s a great way to keep dripping wet people from running through your house to pee in the bathroom, and to give them no excuse to go in the pool. My dad put in the same thing in our house in the 80’s.

  • I agree with Superdave. I always tell my in laws that I wish they could put a half bath in the garage so I didn’t have to run into the cold house when I’m wet from the pool.

    Also, the matching dog house next to the garage is really cute.

  • More houses need an outside half bath.

  • Nice bungalow overpriced $50k to $100k

  • My folks did the same thing, too…with the twist that the added bathroom opening to the pool also had a door to the back hallway, thus supplementing the master that had been the only bathroom on the ground floor.

  • This is not the only house on Bomar with an exterior half bath. They are very convenient. You don’t have to waste time drying off to use the bathroom inside or drip water all over the floors or freeze when you enter the air conditioned house. I see it as a value, not an oddity.