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  • That bathroom! Is it a bathroom or an anti-glare equipment test facililty?

    Motivated to sell huh? Wonder what that could mean..

  • The Bathroom??? The Kitchen also is quite odd for that price home.

  • yeah. hmmm. Unusual “home.”
    Looks like a retail space

  • And the 10 pictures we can see were the ones the agent thought best captured the good qualities of the house…

  • I didn’t realize Tony Montana had a house in Houston…

  • No garage? Is this unusual for a recently built home (2011 according to listing)?

  • I watched this house being built. It seemed like a DYI project. It took FOREVER – I mean YEARS. It was only finished recently. It’s way too big for the lot, on a busy corner, and I just couldn’t wait to see how horribly tacky it would be inside after seeing the outside slowly grow, stop for months, slowly grow some more, etc. I am NOT disappointed! What an awful house, what an awful plan, what an awful waste of money.

  • My understanding is that the improvements are not up to code. When you hear who the owners are, the interiors are not a surprise.

  • Rodrigo
    The owners are JOHNSON NICHOLAS & VALERIE. Are we suppose to know them?

    I cant imagine buying a 1 million dollar house in Spring Branch on a busy corner like that. Good luck to them!