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  • Can someone tell me what “Private Reserve Lot” means if there is a house right next door? I just love the realtor speak in this listing, a closet big enough to play baseball in? Is this a new amenity I have not heard of? Not to mention the misspelling of luxurious and jacuzzi.

  • Oh, they have those rare Lolipop Oak Trees!

  • The lollipops are likely American holly, which unfortunately people tend to have overtrimmed, resulting in loss of berries. (I find that commercial yard-men cannot resist trimming stuff, even at the wrong time of year, even when you tell them not to. I almost came to blows with my yard man over my azaleas. BID). These small trees are quite lovely when cared for properly so they can express their full berry-ness.

  • OK, I give up. I’ve been trying to figure out where the large patio is. There’re photos of the back (?) with a pool, and a photo of a large patio that’s been sprayed with water that also looks like the back of the house. Maybe before and after photos? I’ve obviously spent too much time on this listing…

  • Holy cow. That is a lot of house for that price. I had no idea you could buy something that shiny and new and enormous for under $500k, even in the suburbs of Houston.