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  • Let’s stick to making fun of the million dollar plus fails, of which there are plenty.

  • Love that there are multiple pictures of this beautiful exposed column.

  • feeling: nauseous

  • What realtor uses out-of-focus pictures (I know redundant question.)?
    I was curious about this building previously. Drove to it check it out before mentioning to my realtor. Whew, good move. It was game day for the Dynamo. The whole neighborhood was gridlocked with people, police, vendors, noise, semi trucks.
    Probably why there always seem to be available listings. Cool at first…than a pain in the arse.

  • Looks like an agent had a little drinky drink at a nearby bar before taking these photos.

  • My forehead hurts just from looking at that low clearance over the top step. My previous house had the same issue and every person who came over who was at least 6 feet tall smacked their head on it at some point.
    I eventually had to rebuild the staircase to meet modern code.

  • @limestone

    Lived here from 2010-2015. You are spot on. It was great in the early years, pre-Dynamo and EaDo boom, although not much thought was put into the buildout at all! I had 600 sq ft studio and a bathroom the size of a small bedroom with zero storage space. Just empty walls and a fancy glass sink that couldn’t stay clean for 5 minutes. Whoever planned it had clearly never lived in a small space before. So much wasted opportunity. The novelty soon wore off with how the place was run, the traffic and noise from the stadium, and how infuriating the space was at times. Not long ago, the builder (who owned and was leasing out about 50% of the units) decided to sell off their units and I left. I know the HOA was a mess at the time, nothing in the gym worked, and the roof access had been closed for years. Such a waste…

  • limestone: I’ve never thought pics made much of a difference. People are seraching for an area and price. They’ll see what’s available and go check them out. If you like the size, area, price, features, etc. then the fact the pics suck won’t stop you from viewing most likely.
    I only bother taking good pics or videos of speicifc units when someone from out of town is looking to rent sight unseen. But since everyone else wants to view in person, what’s the point?
    I know I know, I’d fail realtor 101 with my lack of shiny overly HDR’d photos

    (this isn’t my listing — just sayin’ :)