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  • I found myself saying “WTF” at each picture.

  • Nice fixxer upper. Whoever buys that is going to get a deep d**kin’ by the city though.

  • Did somebody knock out a bit too many walls?
    Does someone want to get “out from under” this residence?
    Seriously, these ’30s homes are cool. Literally. Despite the brick exterior, they are pier-and-beam with a center core for ventilation plus attic fan. Plus, they and represent an historic era, a suburban surge in Houston. And this one looks pretty darn good.

  • If you ever wonder why you don’t see brothers working construction, this is why. Please don’t call me a hater, it is what it is. My people can’t build worth a damn!

  • Love the photo with a piece of stolen city of houston property in the form of a street sign for almeda road. It shows the current owners are not the brightest stars in the sky nor is the agent for posting it on the HAR website

  • @ Ace: I love it. Tell the truth,bro. And the agent is a joke. He/she just let the COH inspectors know that ILLEGAL work was performed on this house. The price is coming down and/or the owners will have to give incentives /allowances to the buyer.